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Chatham Lab-Created White Sapphires

You deserve to have exactly what you want in an engagement ring. It's becoming increasingly common for brides to want the perfect engagement ring featuring all lab-created stones rather than mined stones. So if you're budget conscious or green-minded, then consider Chatham-created white sapphires instead of diamonds in your engagement ring. Chatham white sapphires make the perfect accent side stones. They're surprisingly brilliant with eye-clean clarity. Best of all, they're created in a lab so they're less expensive than diamonds and for green-minded people they offer a great eco-friendly alternative to diamonds.

Chatham white sapphires are priced the same as other sapphires: $300 per carat for stones up to 4.99 carats. $320 per carat for stones 5.00 to 9.99 carats. $350 per carat for stones 10+ carats.

Selecting the perfect Chatham-created gemstones is a personal experience we want you to enjoy. At OurCustomWeddingRings.com we believe in offering you the one-on-one attention you deserve to select just the right Chatham lab-created white sapphire at an exceptional price. For additional questions, feel free to contact us at 970-535-4139 or complete the loose stone inquiry form below.

Watch this video to see Chatham white sapphires compared to other diamond alternatives. Chatham white sapphires offer lots of sparkle and a hardness of 9 on the Moh's scale.

Vedic Astrology and Chatham White Sapphires

Chatham white sapphires are flux grown sapphires that grow in the natural crystal structure of corundum. This means they began with a natural seed crystal. Many believe Chatham stones still have the essence of the natural crystal in them, so they are powerful for purposes of Vedic Astrology. Yellow sapphire is often prescribed when Venus needs strengthening.

Diamond Alternatives
This video is best when viewed at full size

White Sapphire vs. Forever Briliant Moissanite

Charles and Colvard has recently released its Forever Brilliant Moissanite since the filming of the diamond alternatives video. Forever Brilliant moissanite is up to four grades whiter than conventional moissanite. This image shows the primary difference between white sapphire and moissanite: White sapphire is very sparkly and brilliant, but doesn't have a lot of fire. Moissanite has a lot of fire but can also show a slight yellowish hue, especially under incandescent light (particularly in large stones and non-round stones).

Click Here to check stock on a Chatham white sapphire. OR Click Here to order your Forever Brilliant Moissanite.

Click on your favorite Chatham-created gemstone below for more information, availability and loose stone prices:

Available Chatham Gemstone Shapes

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