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Chatham antique cushion emeralds

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Chatham-Created Antique Cushion Emeralds
We will price match any legitimate Chatham retailer

Our antique cushion cut Chatham emeralds have the rich green color of the finest Colombian emeralds. Chatham lab-created emeralds are not fakes, rather they are REAL emeralds grown in a laboratory. With Chatham, you get gem quality, top color emeralds for a fraction of the price of natural emeralds. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call our staff gemologist at: 970-535-4139.

Chatham-created antique cushion emeralds are not fakes, they are REAL emeralds grown in the natural crystal structure of mined emeralds. So they exhibit the same physical, optical and chemical properties as the finest mined emeralds.

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Antique Cushion Diamond Equivalent Chart
Antique cushion weights are similar to those of emerald cut. Pictures not actual size. Diamond is denser than emerald, so it weighs more for the same physical size. Because carat is a measurement of weight, not size, it's important to order colored stones based on physical size rather than carat weight.

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Available Chatham Gemstone Shapes

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