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Diamalite® Diamond Simulants
Diamalite CZ Hybrid Diamond Simulant

Making Dreams Affordable

Diamalite® Diamond Simulant is a diamond-coated lab created stone that closely mimics the brilliance, beauty and luster of natural diamond. It is a masterpiece created with a special patented process fusing art and technology.

Each Diamalite® diamond simulant stone is hand-cut to maximize it's beauty and enhance it's brilliance. Our round brilliant stones boast a perfect ideal cut with eight point hearts and arrows patterns. Diamalite® stones are near flawless and colorless (VS1 Clarity, G-H Color). Hearts and Arrows Pattern Idea CutUnlike many other diamond simulants, Diamalite's unique properties make it singly refractive just like diamond, so it's more difficult to distinguish from a natural diamond.

Even when compared to a natural diamond, Diamalite® compares in brilliance and adamantine luster with a similar light dispersion. Diamalite® hybrid diamond simulants are non-porous, so they won't become milky over time. Your Diamalite® diamond simulant will sparkle as beautifully as the day you bought it for years to come. While Diamalite diamond simulants are similar to a natural diamond in many ways, it is available to you for a fraction of the price and is covered with a lifetime warranty.

Art & Technology Fusion

Round hand-cut, Diamalite hybrid diamond simulant

While regular CZ looks clear and glassy, letting all the light escape through the stone, Diamalite® diamond simulant looks more like a diamond capturing the light and returning the brilliance back to your eye. That's because each Diamalite stone is a hand-cut CZ of ideal proportions covered with a patented diamond-like carbon (DLC) treatment, creating a true diamond look alike produced only in the USA.

DLC is a patented treatment of utility and/or decorative objects with a thin film of diamond-like carbon for the purpose of improving optical and physical properties of materials. Diamalite® is created by employing a multistep treatment process which develops of a coating of diamond-like carbon uniformly on all cut surfaces.

Because Diamalite’s exterior is diamond-like carbon, it is virtually impossible to visually distinguish it from a fine natural diamond. The amazing look of Diamalite is attributed to the diamond-like carbon treatment that envelops the stone giving it optical properties of a fine natural diamond. The only way to positively identify Diamalite is by its weight, hardness and chemical component. Diamalite® is cut to ideal diamond proportions with superior quality polish as well as thin polished girdles. The result is a gorgeous, low-cost stone that mimics the light-play, luster and beauty of natural diamond. Plus, the treatments will last a lifetime, we guarantee it.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

Don't be fooled by other diamond simulants companies. Some use fancy wording to confuse you into thinking they're selling real "man made" diamonds, charging hundreds of dollars per carat for similar products. We believe in being honest and up front about our Diamalite® hybrid diamond simulant, so you know exactly what you're buying. Plus, we believe in offering you a fair and fabulous price. Best of all, we're so confident you're going to love your Diamalite® diamond simulant that we offer a lifetime warranty. If you still have questions about our Diamalite®, contact us and we'll be happy to answer your questions.