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Natural Colored Gemstones
Colored Gemstones

Your gemstone engagement ring will look phenomenal with a natural gemstone center. Natural gemstones come in a rainbow of colors including purple, blue, red, green, black, orange and more. Some of these colors can occur naturally and are extremely rare. But, thanks to technology, many gemstone colors can imerge as a result of a treatment process, making them more affordable and abundant. For example, did you know that nearly all tanzanite comes out of the ground brown? The stone is then heat treated to expose it's brilliant purplish blue hue. Often, the gemstones start out a less-desireable color, then through the use of treatments, will become a beautifully colorful gemstone.

At OurCustomWeddingRings.com, our mission is to help you find exactly what you're looking for. That's why we employ knowledgeable Graduate Gemologists to help you find just the perfect stone. Call us for assistance or advice at 970-535-4139, or peruse our list of natural gemstones below. 

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The shape would includes princess cut, round, emerald cut, cushion cut, marquise cut, radiant cut, asscher cut etc.

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You may want to specify the gemstone clarity in terms like commercial quality, mid-grade, fine quality, eye-clean.

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The term "carat" is actually a measurement of weight rather than size. Because gemstones vary in density one stone may be heavier than another stone for the same physical size. For example, an 8mm round diamond weighs roughly 1.86 carats, while an 8mm round sapphire weighs roughly 2.5 carats because sapphire is more dense than diamond. If possible, please indicate your stone size in terms of milimeter measurements, rather than in carats for colored stones.

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