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OurCustomWeddingRings.comWe’re about freedom of expression

Custom engagement rings with eco-friendly stones

Bridal styles and ideals are changing. So our custom engagement rings and wedding bands were designed for green-minded and budget savvy consumers. Many of our rings feature eco-friendly lab-grown Chatham-created gems, Forever One moissanite and lab-grown diamonds. We offer a truly unique collection of custom engagement rings. Choose from existing styles, or design something from scratch.

Responsibly-sourced mined stones

For those who prefer natural mined stones, we buy our stones from vendors who have a proven track record of ethical practices. Our diamonds and gemstones are purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and are in compliance with United Nation resolutions.

Custom rings from scratch

Custom Engagement Rings From ScratchDon’t let anyone tell you your custom engagement ring has to be a certain way…express yourself. Our mission is to help you create a breathtaking masterpiece you’ll cherish forever. Our design consultant will work with you one-on-one from conception through completion. Call us today at 970-535-4139.

Nikki and Jacob (shown right) called us and together we created this amazing one-of-a-kind diamond and ruby engagement ring with special symbolism.

Our Rings

Custom Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands

Our Color Couture Collection includes

designer-style engagement rings sparkling with lots of diamond accents featuring with affordable Chatham-Created lab-grown gemstone centers. Semi-mounts and matching wedding bands also available.

Our Moissanite Rings Collection Includes

gorgeous contemporary engagement rings featuring diamond accents and affordable Forever One moissanite center stones. Our designer moissanite collection rings are available in white, rose and yellow gold.

Our Wedding Band Collection Includes

a large assortment of wedding bands includes styles for both the bride and groom in 14k and 18k gold and alternative metals bands including cobalt chrome, damascus steel, mokume, titanium and zirconium bands.

Our Custom Ring Design Services

allow you to work one-on-one with our Design Consultant to create the one-of-a-kind masterpiece you’ve always dreamed of. The sky is the limit on what we can do for your engagement ring or jewelry piece. While we can’t duplicate any copyrighted pieces, give us some examples of what you’re looking for, we can create it.

Our Design Gallery

allows you to customize a variety of engagement rings and wedding bands to fit your personal style. You literally create your own engagement ring or wedding band by selecting the ring style, metal type, center stone shape and size etc. Many rings accommodate larger stone sizes perfect for gemstone engagement rings.

Our Stones

Loose Diamonds & Gemstones

Chatham-Created Lab-Grown Gemstones

have the same chemical properties as natural mined gems. Under advanced laboratory conditions our crystal growth is more predictable and consistent, yielding superior flux lab-grown gemstones with top quality and color. We offer lots of shapes and sizes of your favorite gemstone including sapphires of all colors, rubies, alexandrites, emeralds and more.

Forever One Moissanite

is a lab-grown gemstone with a similar look and hardness as diamond. It is a fabulous, affordable conflict-free diamond alternative available in DEF and GHI color grades. We offer lots of sizes and shapes for your engagement ring…no one will ever know.

Laboratory Grown Diamonds

simply put, are real diamonds grown in a lab. We’re excited to offer you a wide selection of round and fancy shaped lab-grown pink, blue, yellow and colorless diamonds. Let us source the perfect lab-grown diamond for you. Call us today to begin: 970-535-4139.

Natural Diamonds & Gemstones

are mined all over the world. Let our Graduate Gemologist source the perfect natural gemstone or diamond for you. We source our stones from reliable and ethical vendors, so we can assure you your natural gemstone or diamond is conflict free.

Improving Lives In Madagascar

We get our hands dirty!

In 2014 Michelle went to Madagascar to learn about the geology and mineralogy of the country and to visit some of the mining localities she learned about in her studies to be a Graduate Gemologist. However, it wasn’t the sparkly colorful gems that caught her eye, but rather the children…the little gems of Madagascar. Michelle founded in 2015 and visits the country for about two months each year doing humanitarian, clean water, sanitation and hygiene projects.

Little Gems Of Madagascar