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Chatham-Created Gems

Lab-grown gemstones

Eco-friendly Chatham-created gemstones

For green-minded and budget savvy consumers, we’re proud to offer you eco-friendly Chatham-created gems for your gorgeous custom ring or jewelry piece. Choose from Chatham lab-grown rubies, sapphires, emeralds, alexandrites, pink sapphires, padparadschas and more.

Chatham-created gemstones are real. Chatham creates the environment in which gems can grow naturally. Once the required combination of chemical and environmental factors is created, the crystals grow over time.

Only trained gemologists with magnification can tell the difference between Chatham flux grown and mined gemstones. Diminish your carbon footprint by featuring a Chatham-created center stone in your custom ring.

Top color and quality backed with a warranty

Our crystal growth is more predictable and consistent, yielding finest qualities and colors found in nature at a much lower price.

Trust, integrity, and value are at the heart of Chatham. For your peace of mind, we provide a lifetime warranty on Chatham stones. A small bi-fold included with your purchase certifies the stones authenticity and details the warranty.

Graduate gemologists on staff to assist you

Chatham Pink Champagne Sapphire RingIf you have questions about Chatham gems or just need help selecting the perfect stone for your custom ring simply call 970-535-4139 for personal service from one of our staff gemologists. Or for more information about individual Chatham gemstones or to narrow your search, please use the drop-down menu in our navigation area above.

Peg and her husband Jim (shown right) wanted something special for her engagement ring, so they picked this amazing square cushion cut Chatham champagne sapphire set in a spectacular diamond halo mounting. Chatham champagne sapphires have gentle hues of pink, orange and yellow. Peg couldn’t be happier with her gorgeous ring!

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