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Chatham Lab-Created White Sapphires

You deserve to have exactly¬†what you want in an engagement ring. It’s becoming increasingly common for brides to want the perfect engagement ring featuring all lab-created stones rather than mined stones. So if you’re budget conscious or green-minded, then consider Chatham-created white sapphires instead of diamonds in your engagement ring. Chatham white sapphires make the perfect accent side stones. They’re surprisingly brilliant with eye-clean clarity. Best of all, they’re created in a lab so they’re less expensive than diamonds and for green-minded people they offer a great eco-friendly alternative to diamonds.

Chatham white sapphires are priced the same as other sapphires: $300 per carat for stones up to 4.99 carats. $320 per carat for stones 5.00 to 9.99 carats. $350 per carat for stones 10+ carats.

Selecting the perfect Chatham-created gemstones is a personal experience we want you to enjoy. At we believe in offering you the one-on-one attention you deserve to select just the right Chatham lab-created white sapphire at an exceptional price. For additional questions, feel free to contact us at 970-535-4139 or complete the loose stone inquiry form below.


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