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Top-Color Chatham Lab-Created Yellow Sapphires

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Custom Chatham-created yellow sapphire engagement ring

Sapphires are doubly refractive and often exhibit pleochroism, the visible display of different body colors from different crystal directions in a gem. Chatham yellow sapphires often show orange and yellow pleochroic colors. Choose from Light, Medium or Dark.  Simply choose the stone you like below for more details.

Eco-Friendly Chatham lab-created yellow sapphires are not fakes, rather they are REAL yellow sapphires grown in a laboratory. Chatham yellow sapphires exhibit the same physical, optical and chemical properties as yellow sapphires that come from Mother Earth. With Chatham, you get gem quality, top color gems for a fraction of the price of natural sapphires.

Vedic Astrology and Chatham Yellow Sapphires

Chatham yellow sapphires are flux grown sapphires that grow in the natural crystal structure of corundum. This means they began with a natural seed crystal. Many believe Chatham stones still have the essence of the natural crystal in them, so they are powerful for purposes of Vedic Astrology. Yellow sapphire is often prescribed when Jupiter needs strengthening.

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We want you to enjoy selecting the perfect Chatham yellow sapphire. That’s why we offer you the one-on-one attention you deserve to find the perfect gemstone for you.  If you don’t find the yellow sapphire you’re looking for below, simply call us and we’ll assist you, 970-535-4139.