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Chatham-Created Antique Cushion Cut Emeralds

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Custom Chatham Emerald RingOur Chatham antique cushion cut emeralds have the rich green color with slight bluish undertones like the finest Colombian emeralds. Chatham lab-created emeralds are not fakes, rather they are REAL emeralds grown in a laboratory. With Chatham, you get gem quality, top color emeralds for a fraction of the price of natural emeralds. Best of all, Chatham antique cushion cut emeralds are eye-clean, meaning there are no inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Vedic Astrology and Chatham Emeralds

Chatham emeralds grow in the natural crystal habit of beryl. This means they began with a natural seed crystal. Many believe Chatham stones still have the essence of the natural crystal in them, so they are powerful for purposes of Vedic Astrology. Emerald is often prescribed when Mercury needs strengthening.

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Don’t see the Chatham antique cushion cut emerald you’re looking for or need a custom cut emerald? We offer you one-on-one attention to answer questions and help you order the perfect stone at an exceptional price. Looking for a special mounting for your emerald? Select from our fabulous emerald engagement rings or work with our staff design consultant to create your dream engagement ring or jewelry piece. Simply call us. We’re happy to help: 970-535-4139.

Emerald Cut/Antique Cushion Size/Weight Charg
Antique cushion weights are similar to those of emerald cuts. Pictures not actual size. Diamond is denser than emerald, so it weighs more for the same physical size. Because carat is a measurement of weight, not size, it’s important to order colored stones based on physical size rather than carat weight.