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Chatham Alexandrites: Round Alexandrites

We will price match any legitimate Chatham retailer

Chatham Alexandrite Color ChangeAlexandrites exhibit the unique phenomenon known as Color Change. Top quality mined alexandrites with excellent color change are rare and command high prices. Chatham lab-grown alexandrites are just as beautiful for a fraction of the price.

Chatham lab-grown alexandrites are real alexandrites, grown under a controlled environment. They exhibit phenomenal color change. Depending on the light, Chatham round alexandrites can be purplish, raspberry or a beautiful teal blue. Round alexandrites offer the most sparkle and light return. Round Brilliant is a cutting style created specifically for the properties of diamond, so we use a slightly different cutting style to maximize the color and brilliance of Alexandrites. Watch our Chatham round alexandrites video, then choose the stones you want below. Be sure to reference our size/weight chart to make sure you’re ordering the physical size you need.

Alexandrite Engagement Ring
Looking for a special mounting for your Chatham loose round alexandrite? Check out our gorgeous engagement rings mounted with Chatham alexandrite or call us to work with you one-on-one to create the perfect piece of jewelry. Our quality is superb, prices are competitive and finish is fabulous! Let us give you a quote. 1-970-535-4139.

Round Shape Size/Weight ChartPictures not actual size. Alexandrite is denser than diamond, so it weighs more for the same physical size. Because carat is a measurement of weight, not size, it’s important to order colored stones based on physical size rather than carat weight.