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Chatham Lab-Created Round Pink Sapphires

We will price match any legitimate Chatham retailer

Eco-Friendly Chatham lab-created pink sapphires are not fakes, rather they are REAL pink sapphires grown in a laboratory in the same crystal habit as mined stones. Therefore, they exhibit the same physical, optical and chemical properties as pink sapphires that come from Mother Earth.

Sapphires are doubly refractive and often exhibit pleochroism, the visible display of different body colors from different crystal directions in a gem. Chatham lab grown pink sapphires often show violet, red and pink pleochroic colors. They are available in Light, Medium and Dark tones. Simply select the size round pink sapphire you want below for more details.

With Chatham brand, you get gem quality, top color round pink sapphires for a fraction of the price of natural pink sapphires.

Get personalized service with one of our staff GIA-trained graduate gemologists

Can’t find the round pink sapphire you’re looking for below or do you need a custom cut stone? We offer you one-on-one attention to answer questions so you can order just the right pink sapphire at an exceptional price. Need a special mounting for your round pink sapphire? Select from our offering of pink sapphire engagement rings here or work with our design consultant to create your perfect engagement ring or jewelry piece. Simply call us and we’ll be happy to assist you, 970-535-4139.

Round Shape Size/Weight ChartPictures not actual size. Sapphire is denser than diamond, so it weighs more for the same physical size. Because carat is a measurement of weight, not size, it’s important to order colored stones based on physical size rather than carat weight.