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Stunning Chatham Emerald Cut Ruby Engagement Rings

Chatham emerald cut ruby center stones

Our Color Couture Collections includes these rich red Chatham emerald cut ruby engagement rings and wedding rings with amazing intricate detail and designer style in 18k and 14k gold settings. Lots of sparkling natural diamond accents give these engagement rings a big look at an affordable price. Each of these breathtaking ruby wedding rings features an eco-friendly gem-quality Chatham lab-grown ruby center stone. Best of all, our emerald cut ruby engagement rings are made with premium quality Bright White Gold.

Chatham-created lab-grown rubies are real rubies with the same chemical, physical and optical properties as mined rubies. These gorgeous lab-grown rubies mimic the vivid “pigeon blood” color of the finest Burmese rubies. Choose your favorite emerald cut ruby engagement ring below for more details.