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lab-grown colorless diamonds shapes

Lab-Grown Colorless Diamonds

Real diamonds grown in a lab

We have lab-grown colorless diamonds available in many popular shapes and sizes. Lab-grown diamonds are more eco-friendly less expensive than mined diamonds. Because they are real diamonds, lab-grown colorless diamonds are identical chemically, physically and optically to mined diamonds, they’re just grown in a lab.

Our lab created white diamonds are graded just like natural diamonds, using the GIA diamond grading scale. Now you can get the same brilliance, fire and durability of a natural white diamond without the astronomical price.

Let us do the searching for you!

Whether you’re looking for a lab-grown colorless diamond center stone or small accent diamonds, our knowledgeable staff GIA graduate gemologist can find the perfect diamonds for you. Be sure to tell us your preferred color, clarity and carat weight range. It’s also important to tell us your budget range so we can find best value for your budget. Click on the Request Diamonds button to the right.

Our custom work is amazing!

We specialize in creating custom jewelry with lab-grown stones. That’s what we love to do. Compared to other custom jewelers, our quality and craftsmanship is superior. Our finish work is amazing. And our prices are almost always lower than traditional jewelers. Because we have 21-years of experience selling on the web, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can trust us to make your perfect engagement ring or jewelry piece. Call us or schedule a consultation. I’m sure you will be pleased.