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Natural Diamonds & Gemstones

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Although we specialize in lab-grown stones, we can get natural diamonds and gemstones too. Our membership in several jewelry and gem-related organizations ensures we have lots of sources for your perfect natural diamond or gemstone. Whether it’s a colorless diamond or fine Burmese ruby, we can find it. Our reputable suppliers have a proven track record of practicing ethical trade, so you can be sure your natural diamond or gemstone is conflict free and all treatments are disclosed.

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Below we’ve provided some search results for natural gemstones, diamonds and natural colored-enhanced diamonds. These search results are from just one of our vendors. They’ll give you an idea of availability and price, but sometimes we find them for less. For that reason, it’s important to contact us about your diamond or gemstone search. Be sure to tell us your preferred color, clarity and carat weight range. It’s also important to tell us your budget range so our staff graduate gemologist can find the best value for your money. Click on the Request Diamonds or Request Gemstones button to the right.

Our custom work is amazing!

Compared to other custom jewelers, our quality and craftsmanship is superior. Our finish work is amazing. And our prices are almost always lower than traditional jewelers. Because we have 21-years of experience selling on the web, you can have peace of mind knowing you can trust us to make your perfect engagement ring or jewelry piece. Call us or schedule a consultation. I’m sure you will be pleased.

Fine quality peridot

One of our clients called us to find some top quality peridot for a pendant and earrings. We found these amazing top quality, top color Pakistani peridot. Normally pea green in color in most jewelry, these amazing peridot are the color of Jolly Ranchers apple candies…very delicious!


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Natural Colored Gemstone Search

Gemstones come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and qualities. Below is a sampling of natural colored gemstones from just one of our vendors. Get an idea of what’s available here, then complete our Request Gemstones form so we may begin searching for the best value for your budget.

Enjoy browsing this sampling of natural colored gemstones.

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Natural Colorless Diamonds Search

We want to help you find the perfect diamond. Below is a sample diamond search from just one of our vendors. It should give you an idea of price, although we can often find them for less than the price shown below. When you’re finished browsing, complete our Request Diamonds form so we may begin searching for the best value for your budget.


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Natural Color-Enhanced Diamonds Search

Did you know natural diamonds can come in a rainbow of colors including pink, blue, yellow, green, black, orange and more. Some of these colors can occur naturally and are extremely rare. But, thanks to technology, many diamond colors can emerge as a result of a treatment process. For example, extreme heat and irradiation can permanently enhance certain innate color properties, allowing them to display their hues in more brilliant array. Black diamonds are usually enhanced this way. Often, the diamonds start out a less-desirable color, then through the use of treatments, will become a beautifully colorful diamond.

Let us find your perfect natural colored diamond. Browse the search results below for an idea of what colors are available. Then complete our Request Diamonds form so we may begin searching for the best value for your budget.