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Zirconium Wedding Bands

Fully customizable zirconium wedding bands

These contemporary zirconium wedding bands are perfect for men and women. Black Zirconium is lite weight, scratch-resistant, and durable. Black Zirconium is an industrial material commonly used in dental implants and nuclear reactors. When heated, zirconium forms a beautiful black layer which can be worked into a tremendous variety of designs including two-tone styles.Choose from our collection of zirconium wedding bands and rings for men and women. We offer a variety of styles and sizes including polished, brushed, beadblast and many more. Many of our zirconium bands feature precious metal, carbon fiber or diamond accents.

Our custom work is fabulous!

Choose from our zirconium wedding bands below or contact us to customize it. All of our zirconium wedding bands can be customized by width for men and women. You can customize other features such as inlay, stone type, accents etc. Our custom workmanship is superb and our prices are awesome. If you have questions about our wedding bands or just need help selecting the perfect stones for your custom wedding bands simply call 970-535-4139 for personal service from one of our staff design consultant or schedule a consultation.